Week 16 – 9th Feb 2015 – Short and sweet

On Monday Nanny took Kealan for a visit to her house and Elyse had a playdate with Jamie.  Jamie is only a few weeks older than Elyse and they actually interacted on a number of occasions.  And i got the chance to catch up with mummy Geraldine which was lovely.  Over the next few weeks i hope to plan out some sensory play dates for Elyse and hopefully Jamie will be able to join us sometimes.  I feel more and more that Elyse needs some time without Kealan.  She is so capable but needs more time with mummy.


In the evening Amy had her make-up lesson and school disco.  Isnt she gorgeous!

IMG_5115 IMG_5117 IMG_5118

On Wednesday we went to a Mother and Toddlers group and Kealan enjoyed playing in the sand table and was very happy to wander about and play without me.

Thursday was our usual Mother and Toddlers group and Friday was just a day at home starting preparations for our big Valentines play date on Monday.


Saturday was Valentines day and Nanny stayed with the babies whilst i got beautified for a big night out with Hubbie.  We had a beautiful meal at a local restaurant and a few drinks, great night with my gorgeous husband.


Sunday morning we fed the ducks in the morning and then the house was transformed for our play date the following day.  Kealan enjoyed ‘helping’ to prepare the moon sand for the sensory activities and kept shouting “party, parteeee, paaarrrrtttteeeee”.

IMG_5267 IMG_5268

Photo of the week:-


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