Week 14 -26th Jan 2015 – Amy’s Chocolate Party

This week Amy became a teenager so of course we had a party.  The theme was chocolate.

The Birthday Girl

Amy, my first born, has changed so much over the last year.  My little girl now spends her time practising her hair and make-up and looks stunning everyday.  She is doing so well at school and helps me everyday with the babies.  I am so, so proud of her and i hope she will always know how loved she is.

IMG_4958 IMG_4981

The decorations

I chose cadburys purple and black for the party colours and Amy requested damask print.  I used inexpensive decorations and reused many items i already had from my wedding and previous parties.

IMG_4930  IMG_4932IMG_4931 IMG_4928

I also ordered sashes for the girls to wear which i used to decorate the chairs.


The guests

Amy invited 5 of her friends from school:- Emily, Hannah, Natasha, Francesca and Helene. I was there of course and mum (Martin and Kirsty took Kealan and Elyse out for dinner).

The food

Well there wasnt any real food, just chocolate and a lot of it.  The party began with a chocolate fountain with mini doughnuts, biscuits, strawberries, grapes and marshmallows.  Of course they had shots of liquid chocolate too which went down especially well with Helene.

IMG_4929 IMG_4961 IMG_4968 IMG_4969 IMG_4970

The activities

I organised 4 activities for the girls to compete with each other.  Amy and her best friend Emily were team captains and their two team mates were drawn out of a hat.

Blindfolded taste test – the girls donned blindfolds and were each given a piece of a chocolate bar.  They then consulted their team mates and wrote their guess on a piece if paper which was submitted to me.  Then i told them if they were right or wrong.  8 different chocolate bars were tried and at the end of challenge both teams had the same score!


The malteaser relay – The teams were given malteasers and straws but as i stupidly hadnt trialled the game it didnt work very well.  Initially id planned for the girls to use the straws to pass malteasers relay style but as they could barely lift them we had to scale the challenge down.  So which ever team managed to lift three malteasers and drop them in to an adjacent bowl was declared the winner.  Emily’s team won this one.

The oreo stack – Next i presented the girls with a giant bowl of oreos and quite enjoyed the panic stricken faces when they thought it was an eating challenge.  They had 1 minute and whichever team had the highest tower at the end of 60 seconds would be the winner.  Both towers collapsed at the same time leaving Amy’s team with the highest (a pathetic 4 biscuits high!)

IMG_4990 IMG_4991 IMG_4992 IMG_4940

The shoe scoff – I found these stunning chocolate shoes in Thorntons chocolate shop and knew that Amy would love them (her first word as an infant was shoes).


Each team was given a chocolate shoe and sets of plastic cutlery.  Whichever team ate their shoe first would win but they were only allowed to touch the chocolate with the cutlery (and their mouth obviously).  Whilst our most competitive girl was definitely Hannah it was Amy’s team that finished first making them the overall winners.

IMG_4942 IMG_4886

The cake

This absolutely stunning creation was made by my mother.  Unfortunately the girls struggled to appreciate it as they were stuffed but it was beautiful and certainly wont go to waste.

IMG_4927 IMG_4934IMG_4948

The presents

Despite not having much spare money Amy rarely goes without and as her birthday falls shortly after Christmas she has always had a big party and never expects much in the way of pressies.  This year i have booked a make-up artist to come to the house and give her a lesson on skincare and make-up application. I also had a photobook printed of all her previous birthday parties from age 1 to 12. Mum’s present is a morning learning to fly a helicopter in a simulator!

IMG_4951 IMG_4945

The party favours

I bought beautiful chocolate brown mugs and filled them with Thorntons chocolate and chocolate bars.  Also included was a book filled with chocolate recipes.

IMG_4879 IMG_4935


Photo of the week:-


4 thoughts on “Week 14 -26th Jan 2015 – Amy’s Chocolate Party

  1. O.M.G.!!!! What an amazing party! My mouth is watering, I NEED some chocolate right now!! You did such an amazing job and everything looks fabulous! Your mom did a wonderful job with the cake it looks fantastic. Looks like all had fun and it will definitely be a birthday to remember. Happy Birthday Amy!!


  2. Fabulous as always my dear, Amy looks amazing all grown up happy 13th Amy x natasha u r just amazing with birthday parties u can see the love and joy you have for it, well done x


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