Week 13 – 19th Jan 2015 – Elyse says “Mama”

We haven’t had a tot-school theme this week as I find it very time consuming to prepare everything and I knew I couldn’t do a theme for every week. Plus I knew sickness and the general craziness life throws at me was bound to end in some themes being postponed. So in light of Amys 13th birthday coming up I have scheduled in two ‘free’ weeks. Not that this means I had any free time mind u!
Monday – The big challenge of today was to take kealans dodo away. I was dreading it. He’s been sucking it 24/7 for over a week due to being unwell (and my stupidity in letting him have it). He can still have it for nap and bed but I had to take it away during the day. He’s an all or nothing kinda kid. If ones about it’ll be in his mouth all day. So that meant poor Elyse had to sacrifice hers too, and she was really starting to love it. Ah well, I hate the things and funny words like bobo and dodo used to turn my stomach, I hated it. Amazing how motherhood can turn us in to the very people we used to cast disparaging looks at pre our own little cherubs!
So it was a nervous day but we got there, he had it a little bit but all in all I was pleased with how we got on. He’s behaviour is really improving. It’s just amazing how even a little cold can turn him into a little monster for weeks! We started with sorting with his sorting set. At one point he placed one bowl on top of the other and said “flying saucer”. This is not an expression I’ve ever taught him but he must have picked it up off the tv.


Afterwards nanny came to play and then she took Elyse out to visit grandad.

Tuesday – dodo was left on the pillow, whoopee. We took a family trip to w5 in belfast. It’s a type of science museum with activities for all ages. It was brilliant. An expensive trip by the end of it but a lovely day out. The rooms we spent our time in had a play shop, cafe, castle, kitchen, dolls house, train track, a real car to play in and foam formula one cars.



On the way out I told hubbie to keep Kealan busy whilst I took Elyse into the gift shop to have a look for possible tot school materials. Big mistake, Elyse spotted a stand full of beanie boos (little cuddly animals with huge eyes, she already has 3 nanny got her for Christmas). She went crazy, jumping up in down in the buggy and squealing with delight. This girl knows what she likes. So I let her hold a big dog one. She rubbed her face in it and laughed and cuddled it. I tried to take it off her and she erupted. She screamed and screamed. Even giving it back to her wasn’t enough to stop the rage. Kealan has never reacted like that, well he’s more than capable of throwing a tantrum when he wants something now but not like her and not at 9 months. So the wee madam ended up getting one of course. I managed to extract the dog and buy her a smaller (and cheaper) monkey. And next we went to Pizza Hut! Yum.
In the evening Kealan found the bag of rose petals I kept from my wedding in the totschool supplies room. Much mess followed!


On Wednesday the man finally arrived to fix the washing machine. So we ‘fixed’ too.


And at the last minute we decided to try a new mother and toddler group. I was so shocked. Kealan walked straight in and started playing with stuff. It was so good to see. Elyse did too of course but then she always does. They played together for a little bit in a playhouse but mostly he just told me to take her away – sibling love!


After his nap Kealan was fiddling with the buggy in the hall and when he ran in to the living room he saw me sitting on the chair, (an unusual thing) and he said “oh, mummy’s having a rest!” It was very funny, I don’t know where he picks these things up.
In the evening, Kealan got up in his funpod to “help mum”. We chopped up the brocolli and he lifted the chicken onto the oven tray. He was very proud of himself and when it was ready he shouted “Amy, Kirsty I made dinner”. While it cooked we played play dough and he spent ages tearing up bits of it and putting it in a bowl to make “cabbage soup”.


Thursday – the babies have been sleeping all night for a week now. Almost don’t want to jinx it by typing it! Elyse was up at 6 on Thursday though. She lasted for 2 hours and went back to bed at 8 but Kealan didn’t wake til near 9! I have almost an hour with no babies. Needless to say I ran about like someone possessed and prepared the dinner, packed the changing bag, emptied the dishwasher, loaded the washing machine, sorted the laundry etc, etc. So once I got Kealan dressed and Elyse up from her nap it was time for mother and toddlers. Again it was great. I am genuinely excited by how Kealan has been behaving. He’s asked for dodo a bit but he’s been a wee joy again. And in the evening mummy went to the hairdressers!!!!! It’s been months and months. And when I got home both babies were very pleased I was home. Little Elyse started shouting “mama, mama, mama” for the first time, I was thrilled.


Friday – in the morning we took hubbie to the doctor with a bad migraine. Kealan was very sweet and was able to tell Amy when she got home that “we took daddy to doctor and the doctor gave daddy and injection to make him better.” Our new friends mummy Laura, David and baby Anna came round to play. No pics but david enjoyed seeing the dog and kealans toys. Kealan was his usual demanding self but shared well thankfully.
Saturday – unfortunately hubbie did not get better so nanny and Amy had to look after the kiddies while we spent the day in a&e. Horrible day best forgotten!
Sunday – we started the day with paint…fun. And then we managed to fill 3 quarters of an hour with a tied latex glove filled with water. He’s actually quite good at catching (must get that from daddy).


Elyse wore the latest new headband made for her my Melanie’s mum, pearl. Gorgeous.


Then we had a lovely time at Oscar and Jessica’s birthday party. Amy was wearing the same dress as the birthday girl, so sorry Joanne but apart from that little hiccup the party went brilliantly and my three had a ball.


Today Elyse started sticking her tongue out when we do it and clapped her hands for the first time. After weeks of trying to get her to do it she just saw Kealan clapping and joined in.


Photo of the week:-


2 thoughts on “Week 13 – 19th Jan 2015 – Elyse says “Mama”

  1. So happy to see your LO’s are feeling better! 🙂 that mesuem looks like tons of fun! So funny she wore the she wore the same dress as the birthday girl! What are the odds? Lol can’t wait to see what you have planned next week! 🙂


    1. Thanks mamabear. To be honest ive nothing planned for babies. Neck deep in chocolate theme for my daughters party. Looking forward to getting back to tot school soon though.


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