Week 12 – 12th January 2015 Tot-school week 2 – construction

This week was our second week of tot school.  Kealan is 25 months and Elyse is 9 months.  The construction theme focuses on tools, construction vehicles, the letter t and the 3 little pigs story.

Monday – After the previous evenings zombie babies I doubted tot-school would even happen this week but actually both of them woke up brighter and as Kealan isn’t really up for going out or playing much he has been very keen to “do tot-school”.
Still in pj’s (and Kealan still stuck on his dummy) they investigated the play table set up and Kealan immediately picked out his tool box. He hammered while Elyse and I played with the nuts and bolts and made shapes from them.


After breakfast Elyse went for her nap and we started in to more activities. First was the builders tool kit that nanny had got him. He enjoyed matching the cardboard tools to their places in the book. He knows hammer, screwdriver, spanner, toolbox, tape measure, paintbrush, roller, saw, drill and we’re working on pliers, plunger and wrench.


During the day we worked on shapes and matching. His painting and colouring is really starting to improve!

Tuesday – in the morning we took the babies to soft play but Kealan had a melt down wanting his dodo so we had to leave. Giving it to him because he isn’t well was a major error! I sense a hard couple of weeks ahead. In the evening his behaviour was a little better, he seems to be on the mend and he was keen to do lots of work. We coloured shapes, did some shadow matching, practised small, medium and large and drawing straight lines. He did so well. Shape for this week is oval but still focusing on hexagon from last week.


And after dinner he asked to do more! So we matched you construction vehicles to their pictures, looked at the letter d and coloured more shapes.


Wednesday – there’s not much sleep being had! Both Kealan and Elyse are coughing through the night and poor Elyse is so blocked up she can’t even drink her milk.
Kealan started the day with markers and painting as is the norm now. He has now completed the tools pack a number of times and the dumper truck pack so I’ve had to move on to a new pack – the three little pigs. I read the story and acted it out with our toy pigs and dog/wolf and some pictures of the straw, stick and brick houses. This was good fun and whilst I was not allowed to read the story again he could tell me that the brick house was the strongest and the wolf said “I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down”. We did some of the related printables including the letter p and some line matching.


Next I gave him a florists block and his toolbox hammer and nails and he enjoyed hammering and making a mess.

Then Oscar came for our play date and they messed about. We painted our salt dough hand prints from last week, then coloured some pictures and did some pre writing sheets. Kealan is finding these very hard but I think if I keep showing him he will improve quickly. His pen accuracy is improving even after only one week.


Kealan had spaghetti for lunch…can u tell?!?

In the evening Kealan again asked to do more tot-school, I can’t keep up. He looked at all the activities again and without prompting at all he told Amy the hammers were small, medium and large (I was super impressed!). He asked for more matching but it’s all very easy for him so we did our melissa and Doug construction puzzle and tool puzzles instead.


I’m very proud of our work so far this week.

Thursday – early in the morning the babies played with their tool kits and hammered much to the delight of everyone else in the house I bet.


Next we had mother and toddlers which was great fun but both Kealan and Elyse had zombie faces again by the time we were leaving. In the evening Kealan enjoyed playing with his M&D latches board and we used our M&D lacing beads for the first time. He needed help of course but I was pleased with how he got on and the fact he enjoyed it. He was proud of his necklace! Then he used the beads to build towers.


After dinner Elyse thought it was very amusing that she’d climbed into the racing car track.

Friday – we woke to our first proper snow and Kealan was quite impressed.

For totschool time we played with our sorting set properly for the first time and Kealan actually sorted the trucks, cars, boats, trains, buses and fire engines in to their colours. I was so excited by this!


And as is the norm now (several times a day) Kealan wanted to paint. So we used toy trucks and signs to paint with. He got a bit over enthusiastic at one point but the pictures survived.


Saturday – kealans brighter form of the last few days deteriorated again on Saturday. He wanted to do some tot school work in the morning but really he wasn’t bothered with doing anything. I can’t get his dummy off him for a minute and he’s barely eating a bite. I get so demoralised when kealans unwell. I question everything I’ve done to raise him. But i must remain optimistic that my angel will return and dummy will once more be left on his pillow.


Unfortunately Kealan has learned some new expressions this week including “mummy sshh”, “mummy, I told u (shouted)” but worse than that he has taken to pushing Elyse. Here’s to Kealan feeling better. Little Elyse is also still sick and coughs a lot in the night but Vicks and calpol seems to be helping a bit.
Sunday was mummy’s day, I got a shower, sorted my make up (with some help) and went shopping. All part of my latest project to spend some time on me. So I’m creating a capsule wardrobe. I’ve ditched my stained, holey clothes and used the cheap jan sales to get some lovely stuff. Here’s what I picked up for under £100 today (handbag was £50 rrp alone and all from debenhams, accessorise or next). Well chuffed.

I’ve no tot school theme planned next week as I’ll be devoting any little spare time to planning Amys 13th birthday party.



PS to my new readers, i will be taking the password off my previous posts asap so if anyones interested you will be able to access soon.  Thanks. x
Picture of the week :-


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