Week 10 – 29th December 2014 New Year

Monday was a stay at home day with temperature of -5 outside. Elyse (8.5 months) slept through the night for the first time (8.30-7am) and was back for a nap shortly after 9. Amy told Kealan that she couldn’t play because she had to do school work and immediately Kealan ran off to my tot school supply room/cupboard shouting “school, kealie do school, matching”. So maybe there is hope for the start of totschool next week. He found paint so we painted first. I gave him blue, green and orange paint. While I was painting too Kealan said yellow and I said “no, u have blue, green and orange” and Kealan replied “kealie have brown, kealie make brown” and so he had!!!!


Next we did some basic shape matching but he wasn’t overly keen on this so he asked to “do markers”. To preempt next weeks topic I decided to see if he would recognise the difference between a happy and sad face. I drew simple sad and happy faces and immediately kealie said “I no like it, I no like a sad face”. I have a wonderful video of what he said next but not sure how to put in link yet. He said (whilst pointing at the faces) this ones sad, this ones a happy one, this ones crying….something nice…make happy….kealie something nice too….chocolate maybe”.


This picture shows Kealan feeding the sad face a chocolate button (whilst feeding himself some too of course!) and my new smiling mouth over the top of the sad one.

Later in the playroom Kealan and Elyse fought over everything as usual. It’s very challenging managing the two of them when playing at the minute.


On Tuesday, despite the school holidays, we took a trip to Peter pans. Kealan had an absolute ball and handled the bigger children very well. He is much, much more capable and managed the small section without help including the ‘curly wurley slide’. Elyse enjoyed herself too and is just itching to chase after her brother.



Wednesday was New Year’s Eve but it’s the only holiday I just can’t get in to. Maybe next year when they’re a bit older we can do a toddler (8pm) New Years but I think christmas has been enough for Kealan to get his head around. In the morning we got some toys out and whilst the pic would suggest the perfect loving brother and sister playing together it was far from it! Elyse goes crazy to get at whatever he is playing with and I basically spend my time trying to keep them apart.


In the evening time, with Martin working late I ended up thinking outside the box for activities to amuse them both. I got out some jelly pots assuming it would be a good sensory experience, squishing and wobbling it but mostly they just ate it!


And then Elyse decided to get in the toy box and what one does the other must do too.


On New Year’s Day hubbie was off which gave us good opportunity to keep the two of them apart. I took Kealan to the playroom and we got out one of his favourite books – How to grow a dinosaur. I got out as many props as I could find so that we could act out the story. Mostly Kealan enjoyed playing with the gardening tools and eating the ‘jellybeans’ but it must have been fun because we had to do it all over again in the evening.


Next I read Harry and his bucket full of dinosaurs. So of course we got a bucket and filled it with dinosaurs. But as it was the same bucket he uses to ‘wash’ the windows so he demanded water and a wash the dinosaur activity began.


Whilst Kealan was at the sink I got the chance to do some more work on kealans tot school activities for next week and he was very interested in it and happy to answer all my questions. While the babies napped I created some foam ‘feelings’ faces for Kealan to play with in the bath next week. Here’s sad, angry, jealous, happy, scared and surprised.

Friday morning nanny came round to play so mummy raided the charity shop for more tot school supplies. I got a lovely ball that fits in well with next weeks emotions theme and some jigsaws that had never been opened for 50p. Chuffed! Kealan had his usual go in elyse’s swing, painted and practised on his scooter in the evening while Elyse played with the new ball.




Kealan (24.5 months) is making real progress with his manners and will automatically say thank you most of the time, to which I reply “ur welcome”, to which he replies “I’m welcome”….every single time, So funny. This week he learned his musical instruments. He is forgetting one or two every now and again but for the most part he now recognises and names drum, trumpet, xylophone, bells, flute, harmonica, tambourine, maracas, castanets and symbols.
Little Elyse is unstoppable. She can climb on, over and through pretty much everything. She stands and can use her walker a bit more confidently now. She is still Godzilla and loves to push the playroom room divider across the kitchen.
On Saturday, nanny called round again (these term breaks are great, I’ve got two helpers – mum and Amy). These pics accurately depict the choas. Kealan stuck in a box with Elyse trying to climb on top and toys every where.


In the afternoon, we went to Sarah’s 4th birthday party. It was a disco and poor Kealan spent the first 30 mins petrified. But it only took one lollipop to turn him in to john travolta!


In the evening, for the first time without prompting Kealan said “mummy, I love u”. Thrilled.
On Sunday, Oscar came round to play which was lovely. The boys were both in good form but poor Elyse slept (she not a well baby with a cold). Oscar asked to play rice and when I got out the mat Kealan said he was excited, which was another first. Oh yes and earlier in the morning he correctly named one of his plastic dinosaurs daktil, as in tetradactyl. Crazy how much he takes in. And after hearing Oscar, Kealan decided to call me tasha. Later, I taught him Martin too so I’m mummy tasha and hubbie is daddy Martin. Very lovely video captured.
The pop it in the post game was a hit with Oscar too.

And in the evening I prepared for the big day. 5 months of planning and I still feel unprepared but here goes. Totschool begins in the morning. I’d hate people to get the wrong idea, I do not believe in sitting a 25 month old toddler down for hours of school lessons. Yes, there will be short 10 min bursts of ‘paper work’ but mostly this is themed play around one topic a week. There are 32 topics and usually its 2 weeks of totschool followed by a free week for catch ups or doing activities that were popular again. Our first week was originally planned as an easy intro – body parts. But I realised last week that he knows them all even the harder ones – thumb, wrist, elbow, eye brows, cheeks, shoulder, forehead etc. So I extended the topic to – all about me. I’ll introduce him to his name in writing, his age, eye colour etc. We’ll learn about feelings and senses too (assuming all goes according to plan).
Whilst I am doing this for Kealan (and Elyse) I see his ability learn so much, so fast as a huge opportunity but mostly this is for me. I need structure, I enjoy planning and preparing it and I find managing the two of them much easier if I have a string of activities planned.
So I will share what we do in the coming weeks as accurately as I can. This is my baby journal, my account of how they flourish and what they did. I may at some point put these posts online to share with similar like minded people but for now my few friends and family are free to have a look.
So Sunday evening I set up the playroom for week 1 with some of the prepared materials and applicable toys. I wonder how the week will go…….





Photo of the week:-


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