Week 9 – 22nd December 2014 Christmas

On Monday nanny was round to play while i tied up some last minute bits and pieces.  I collected Elyse’s Christmas Ragdoll from the embroidery shop.  I intend to get her one each year and have the year embroidered on its dress.  2014’s is a beautiful brunette doll with a pale blue and red dress.

Little Elyse (8.5 months) is getting ridiculously good at climbing and managed to get onto the alphabet train this morning.  I also let her climb the stairs and she was up them at quite a rate.


At nap time i managed to get the box for Elyse’s bricks finished and them wrapped.  I think we’re ready for santa!


On Tuesday we had a playdate with Geraldine, Baby Jamie and Harry and Lisa and Oscar.  I gave the kids bowls filled with porridge oats, raisins, cinnamon, christmas confetti, chopped carrots, snowflake cake sprinkles and glitter.  Once they had mixed the perfect reindeer food we spooned it into icing bags and decorated for pretty impressive results!  Kealan however simply sat and scooped and scooped and scooped and not to forget glittered.


We had a little party with cocktail sausages, scones, crusty bread, cheese cubes, grapes and of course juice with straws.

IMG_4156 IMG_4159 IMG_4155

Wednesday was Christmas Eve.  I spent the morning doing the food shopping and then Martin took Elyse to visit her Godfather, Drew.  In the evening we had a pizza, pasta dinner and then the Christmas Eve boxes were given out.  Kealan was quite excited to get his especially when he saw it contained chocolate.


We went outside to sprinkle the reindeer food but kealan wanted to go in, announcing that the reindeer were going to eat us.  Where do these things come from??!!

And then we put on Frozen for the first time.


And then SANTA CAME!!


Christmas morning we brought Kealan down about 8.30 and oddly he was a little scared by all the presents and clung to me.  However, once we got a present out he came round and soon got in to the swing of it.  Elyse got stuck in of course.


Christmas dinner was turkey, honey roast ham, cocktail sausages, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, mash potatoes, roast potatoes, carrots, honey parsnips, brussel sprouts and cauliflower cheese.  Yum yum.

IMG_4276 IMG_4278

And here are all the pressies.


And then nanny came for part 2.

P1000770P1000775P1000778 P1000782 P1000791P1000803P1000801P1000813P1000830P1000823P1000839IMG_4302IMG_4327

A truly magnificent selection of toys and books, thank you soooo much nanny.

And so it was over for another year.  A lovely day and a wonderful year ahead with so many great toys to help our babies learn and laugh.  Merry Christmas my babies.


Friday morning Amy and i were up at 5am for the Next sale. Got some lovely outfits for Elyse and a coat for Kealan.  But i was punished for not being here when he got up.  He literally clung to me like a monkey for most of the morning.  The day passed playing with new toys and of course plenty of eating!

Saturday Nanny came round to play in the morning and both babies were in good form.  Challenging as ever mind u.

Sunday again both were in pleasant form and we stayed in as it has turned bitterly cold.  Elyse is so quick now and can walk across the playroom using her walker.  Will she be walking by 10 months?

Photo of the week:-



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