Week 8 – 15th December 2014

Up early Monday morning with Elyse I decided to create a simple sensory tub to try to have some more structured play. With the colds of the last week play has been pretty much just getting out toys, looking at them in a trance for a few mins and then going back to watching Ben and holly.
I chose the colour green because Kealan struggles to recognise green and blue. The base was green rice and then I just gathered all the green toys I could.

It’s wasn’t a hit. He looked at it briefly but then wanted diggers. He took his socks off and danced in the rice but really he wasn’t bothered. The following conversation makes me wonder if a 24 month old is actually capable of winding someone up!
Me – Kealan, all these things are the colour green. What colour is this plate?
Kealan – red
Me – no, it’s green. What colour is this ball?
Kealan – red
Me – no it’s green. Kealan, all these things are green. What colour is this car?
Kealan – …..yellow
Me – let’s put the tub away!!


I was sure little Elyse would enjoy the green tub but surprisingly she wasn’t very keen either. She ate some rice (of course) and let me tickle her with green feathers but was quite a grumpy baby really.

This was all a bit worrying given that it’s only a couple of weeks til I start tot school.
Next Kealan wanted to play with his train and funfair but Godzilla wasn’t haven’t any of it!


We took nanny to the belmont for lunch which didn’t go too badly but the 50 minute wait for our food wasn’t fun for mummy. Kealan was quite brave toddling about going up and down a set of steps and playing with the vinegar. Little Elyse was exhausted but very good and both ate well which was a nice change. Elyse then went for her first visit out to nanny and grandads house without me while I got some wrapping done. She had good fun and very much enjoyed seeing the cat.
Tuesday morning began with painting in Jammies.

And then we took a trip to the park. Kealan loved feeding the ducks as usual and little Elyse giggled her heart out during her first proper go on the swings.



On Wednesday Oscar came round for a play date which pretty much meant that Oscar played while Kealan watched and ate crisps. The usual chaos was left of course!


And Elyse said her first word today – CAT.
Well mum said she said it on Monday but as I wasn’t there I’m gonna pretend it was today. She’s very clear what she’s saying and crawls up to her new toy cat and says cat cat cat.
In the evening Kealan was playing up a dinner as usual but from no where announced “mummy, don’t shout”! It was very funny. We got the christmas magnets out that nanny had given us and Kealan enjoyed being santa and shouting “ho,ho,ho”.


On Thursday I took the babies to scallywags, a small soft play centre. With a school group in it was very noisy and Kealan was initially frightened and clung to me but after a while he came round and we had a great time. Little Elyse enjoyed the roundabout and Kealan enjoyed his sausages.


After dinner Elyse got her first taste of cake which went down well and our after dinner activity was playing with martins gym ball.


Little Elyse (8.5 months) now spends most of her day standing. She can pull herself up on practically anything and our once relatively peaceful bath time is now manic.

On Friday I managed to get the Christmas Eve boxes finished. Elyse, Kealan, Amy and Kirsty each will have a box to open at 6pm on Christmas Eve. Can’t wait.



Kealan who still detests getting his nappy changed now regularly blames everyone else for questionable smells stating “no bum change, Elyse stinky”. On Saturday even teddy bear got blamed and got his bum cleaned instead of Kealan.


On Sunday hubbie and I managed to escape for our Christmas afternoon out. We went to the Christmas market in belfast and had a wonderful time. We tried lots of lovely food and got some last minute gifts. Feeling very Christmassy now.



Photo of the week:-


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