Kealan is Two – the Party Post

Saturday 6th December was Kealans 2nd birthday party and after many weeks of prep the diggers and trucks theme was ready for our guests and the birthday boy.


The birthday boy wore an ‘i am 2’ tee in red, his little sis wore her best Christmas dress and mummy got dressed up too!



The entertainment

How to entertain a bunch of toddlers???  Well i knew i was fairly limited in what could be done with kids so young, they werent exactly going to play musical statues or pass the parcel.  So i figured that my staple play date fixture had to feature…scooping and pouring!  With Kealan’s favourite coloured rice of course.  So a digger small world was needed.  Hubbie managed to get two very large rectangular cardboards trays which were perfect.  Firstly i lined one with tape and covered the unwanted pictures on the sides with construction tape.  Because i wanted different digging and scooping mediums i decided to use some black dyed rice and PVA glue to form dividing roads.  Once dry i had 1 large section and 2 smaller sections.  I filled the large section with play sand, making a mound in the middle, one section with orange dyed rice (from our halloween sensory tubs) and one with home-made white moon sand and little yellow stones i found in Ikea.  Then i added two miniature JCB playsets and 5 mini CAT construction vehicles.  The pictures arent fantastic but i was very pleased with how it turned out.  I knew it would be an excellent decoration but wasnt sure just how much the kids would like it.  I thought it was a bit too advanced for Kealan and thought he’d wreck it in one minute flat.

IMG_3730 IMG_3807


Turns out i was wrong.  This was the most popular item at the party.  As expected it did get trashed but it was played with in many different ways.  Initially it was a building site, then it was a digging and scooping pit and finally the kitchen pans and play food were integrated to make some questionable food that was handed out.


Kealan’s main present from us was a sit on digger but i wanted him to have something to ‘dig’ and as its December, sand outside was not going to be an option.  So i used the second large cardboard tray and decorated it with tape to match the small world.  What he was going to dig took a lot of thought.  It had to be light enough to not break the box, large enough to be safe for baby Elyse to be around but not messy because it would be in the house.  I decided to roll up sheets of newpaper, dip in diluted PVA glue and then dry them on the radiator.  Hubbie then spray painted them grey and i have to say our ‘rocks’ turned out very well.




The digger was also popular but mostly the kids just sat on it.  I may have over-thought this one a little.  But hey, it looked good!


Lastly, given that we only have 6 dining chairs i knew i had to create somewhere for the kids to sit.  The rug was the only option but given the sand and rice mess i knew would undoubtedly spread i had to cover it.  When i laid the black tablecloth over the rug i decided to tape it down to stop it moving and kids tripping.  And then i had a moment of genuine inspiration not sourced from Pinterest!  I taped out roads and got out kealans trucks and cars.  Again it turned out quite well.


The Guests

Attendees were Lisa with Oscar, Mary with Bronagh, Geraldine with Harry and Baby Jamie, Heather with Sarah and Matthew, Lesley-Anne with Poppy, Scarlett and Caitlin as well as Mum Annette, Hubbie Martin, Amy and Kirsty.


The presents

From Mummy and Daddy – As well as the sit on digger and all the mini construction stuff in the small world box Kealan got a wooden Pintoy digger and bulldozer (which i know he’ll not love as much as i do), a Melissa and Doug toolbox, JCB truck, Usborne Noisy Diggers book, Usborne Christmas book, Melissa and Doug latches board, Melissa and Doug constrcution peg puzzle , a magnet board for the playroom wall and two other construction themed board books.


We opened the presents during the party which got a little crazy but gave the kids even more stuff to play with.  Kealan was thrilled with each new item and was very hard to pull away to open another.  He loved his wooden diggers and the latches board was very popular with all.


From Nanny he got a scooter, a Melissa and Doug magnetic cars puzzle, a wooden road and rail track set, a tools puzzle and a peg hammer set.  He is very keen to learn how to ride his scooter but has some way to go!


Possibly the most popular of all was Kirstys gift of a toy lawnmower.  Once this was out all else was forgotten and most of the kids were dying to get a go.

IMG_0856IMG_0813Other presents were a digger magnet book from Amy, a wooden fire engine and wooden crocodile from Oscar, a Thomas megablocks set from Bronagh, a set of musical instruments from Sarah and Matthew, a book, shirt and craft items from Caitlin, Scarlett and Poppy, Pyjamas and a jigsaw from Harry and Jamie, Jeans and a jumper from Mandy and £20 from Yvonne.  We are overwhelmed with how generous everyone was, thanks so much.

IMG_0844IMG_0811IMG_3852Lastly, i wanted to start a tradition whereby the birthday boy or girl gives his/her sibling a present too.  This time Kealan presented baby Elyse with a Melissa and Doug fill and spill toolbox.  A really lovely toy with a soft textured pieces and a drill that really vibrates (again, another toy i prob like more than the kids).


The Food and Cake

The food was simple party food:-chicken breast strips, sausage rolls, salad, smoked salmon, quiche, ham rolls, popcorn etc.. but the stand out item was the cake.  My mum created this beautiful masterpiece for the party which tasted as good as it looks.


The party bag

After a great party all our little kiddies were getting tired.  They left with a digger themed party bag containing 4 colouring sheets (digger, bulldozer, truck and mixer), colouring pencils, construction stickers and a bag of marshmallows.  The bag was sealed with a personalised thank you sticker.


Thank you all.  My angel is two and im glad so many friends could be there to share it with us.

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