Week 6 – 1st Dec 2014

The build up to the big party is now in full swing with my head constantly filled with diggers and trucks. Kealan really doesn’t have a clue what a birthday is but hopefully Saturday will bring many smiles.

On Monday we were lucky to have two friends round for a play date. Poppy and Oscar joined us to make some Christmas cards and play with the almost traditional tub of rice and diggers. Kealan and Oscar had great fun chasing each other around in between munching on grapes, smarties and pear!


Elyse (7 months 3 weeks) pulled herself up to stand for the first time today. I couldn’t get a good pic though. She absolutely adores the dog and squeals with delight when she sees her.


On Tuesday we stayed home and in worked on the birthday prep. I finished the construction small world and I have to say I love it, hope he does.

On Wednesday Lisa and I brought the kids to Peter Pans. We had a ball.


However, my odd little boy got as much thrill from wheeling a bin around as he did from the slides! Poor Elyse did really have fun but got a little hungry at one stage. Bad mummy!


Thursday we went to mother and toddlers and again we had a great day. Both kealan and Elyse were in good form and I got masses of hugs and kisses. At home they even managed to play together!

Friday was just a trip to tesco to get all the food for the party. It was horrendous! Kealan wanted to open or stand on everything I put in the trolley. And pretty much achieved his aim. Kealan tolerated Elyse beside him on a ride on bus for about 5 seconds!

Saturday was kealans second birthday party which will have its own post soon. In the morning Kealan was quite affectionate with Elyse, giving her hugs and kisses. We woke daddy by having Kealan shouting “daaaaa deeee parrrrrr teeeeee”. The party was hectic but brilliant and Kealan was thrilled with his presents.

Sunday was recovery day! Kealan played with his new toys and Elyse tried to wreck them. Strange day following from a challenging night with both babies up crying and very little sleep for mummy.

Picture of the week:-


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