Week 5 – 24th Nov 2014

On Monday I made a spaghetti sensory tub. Kealan loved dancing in it and unfortunately throwing it whilst Elyse just ate it.


On Tuesday morning Elyse was very determined to pull herself to stand but never quite managed it.

On Wednesday Kealan was very in to his cars and brought a variety to breakfast. His play is definitely improving, he’s enjoying toys more and can make up basic roles and act them out.

And wee Elyse was just thrilled with everything as usual. Has yet to refuse a food since her turnaround 2 weeks ago. Will eat anything and in vast quantities.

Actually she wasn’t quite thrilled with everything. She didn’t much like the cold and being wrapped up for our trip to the farm. V grumpy face.

On Thursday we were up early an out of the house at 8.40. Elyse had an appointment with the paediatrician at 9am. He agreed she has a high palate but didn’t feel it would cause her any problems. At 7.5 months she weighs over 20lb. Next we went to tesco and then to mother and toddlers. Busy morning. In the evening the diggers came out again, one activity they both enjoy.


On Friday I took the babies shopping which for the most part went well bar one or two all out tantrums. Elyse got her first shoes and we had a nice lunch.

In the evening we went to see santa turn on the Christmas tree lights in town. Lovely Elyse enjoyed her being in her baby carrier and Kealan was totally bemused. However, he was sold on the whole thing when an elf gave him chocolate!


On Saturday morning heather and little Matthew came round for a play date but I forgot to get any pics.

And Sunday was the start of Christmas celebrations in the mccrory house with tree decoration chaos. Some lovely pics in amongst the madness with our angel putting the star on the top.



Pic of the week:-


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