Week 4 17th nov – Elyse crawls more!

The major feature of this week was Elyse causing Kealan to have many major meltdowns over taking toys from him. As soon as one picks something up the other one is over grabbing or demanding it. Also Kealan has learned the expression “I show”. So he spent the week showing various toys various things. “I show sheepie toast”, “I show bear bunny rabbit” so on and so on.

On Monday we stayed at home and played. Nanny Annette came round in the morning and we got out the moon sand again for more mess.
Daddy was off work all week and on Tuesday we took a trip to the ever popular Peter Pans. Elyse loves the trampoline and Kealan loves everything! We had a brilliant time but experienced our first refusal to go home. When it was mentioned Kealan ran off and jumped in the ball pit. This is what we found!

Elyse moved out of her bath seat and is now sitting beside Kealan. He offered a supporting arm for a little while but now she’s fine (apart from crawling about swallowing water!)

On Wednesday we went to rhythm and rhyme and then Oscar came to play. We started off by making/eating Rice Krispie buns and then carried on the cooking theme by making ‘soup’ from various cupboard ingredients. Of course Kealan ate more than anything, he eats all day now.


On Thursday we went to mother and toddlers and everyone was impressed with elyse’s crawling. She’s really eating a lot now and taking less milk. A total turnaround from two weeks ago.

Kealans birthday party invites arrived too.

On Friday we just went to the shops and poor Kealan didn’t have a great time but we got a beautiful dress for baby Elyse to wear at his birthday and at christmas. In the evening I got the tubs out and what was a few centimetres of water progressed into naked babies! They loved it.

When the went to bed I wrapped kealans birthday presents, he’s also getting a ride on digger and a magnet board. His birthday is at a good time to prepare me for the big wrapping evenings christmas brings. Yuk.


Saturday was pretty uneventful. Although in the blurry picture below Kealan was (and had been for quite some time) searching the room looking for sheepie. Was very funny. He’s so used to holding it he forgets it’s there.

Sunday Kealan went to the park with daddy but that was it really. Baby Elyse is starting to sleep better. She’s back to lying on her front as she can move around freely now and choses a to lie that way.

Photo of the week:-


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