Week 3 – 10th Nov 2014 Elyse Crawls

Monday we stayed at home for a playdate with Oscar. They played with rice, markers, and diggers but the most enjoyed activity seemed to be throwing birds seed out in the garden, even though there weren’t any birds about.

Tuesday we also stayed at home and got out the rice tub again. The activity was extended when Kealan threw out the diggers and got in himself. Later on the shaving foam was a great hit in the bath.


Wednesday morning Kealan watched his usual episode of Ben and Holly before the string of demands began. When it finished he looked at me and said “that was a nice story!” Shortly afterwards I asked him if he was stinky to which he replied “no!”, I said “I think u are”. He thought for about two seconds and said “no, Elyse stinky”, I said “Elyse is not stinky” so I got back “sheepy stinky” and then “bunny rabbit stinky”. Needless to say it was in fact Kealan who needed changing.
After rhythm and rhyme Oscar came round to play again which was great. They started with the rice tub again but due to kealans recent frustrations about the rice not being mouldable and the sand having been put having been put away for the winter I decided to make some moon sand. This worked brilliantly and both boys enjoyed making ‘sand castles’, a long with quite a mess.


Later when the ‘wee man’ was down for his nap I managed to capture a few nice pics of Elyse in her gorgeous new dress.


In the evening despite much madness Kealan (23 months) managed to settle himself for long enough to build his biggest tower yet – 14 blocks!!!


Thursday we went to mother and toddlers and Kealan spent most of it kissing and cuddling me which was unusual. Elyse wore her new dress again and got lots of compliments. She’s started pulling herself up on toys and toy boxes to get what she wants.  This ones gonna be trouble!

Friday wee Elyse (7months 2 weeks) started crawling. She’s been getting around for a while now and had crawled forward a little on Thursday but it wasn’t til Friday she really figured it out. We stayed home all day so I had to get creative. Funny how I think I’m being creative but kealans ‘creativity’ always surpasses mine. Today’s favourite toy was a candle lantern that at one point he fed grapes to! We also enjoyed play dough, Kealan made a hedgehog which he was very proud of (he’s shouting “wow” in this picture). Elyse got some in a zip lock bag and loved squishing and of course chewing it. We aren’t officially starting tot school til January but every now and again I pull out some of the prepared work and we do a bit. He’s getting good at matching and simple puzzles. He’s getting better with his colours too.



Elyse’s favourite toy at the minute are the symbols that she happily bashes together like a Duracell bunny. And finally she showing some interest in food. I think kealans attempts at spoon feeding might put her off though.  Amazingly, Elyse has started shaking her head no.  She did it repeatedly when she didnt want any more food and several times when people said the word no in conversation she was seen shaking her head.


Saturday we went to the last of our Wee Wonder baby sign classes.  I spent most of the first one pulling Elyse back from the puppets (and other babies) but was secretly quite proud that despite being the youngest she was the first one to crawl (mothers are stupid creatures, arent we?  I mean what does it matter!)  Hubbie and i had our first night out since Elyse was born and both babies were very good for their nanny.  We had a lovely time, thanks mum for the babysitting.

Sunday was pretty uneventful due to moderate sore heads!  But i did snap a picture of Elyse apparently feeding Biggie Bear a wooden cookie after watching Kealan do the same.  At 7 months her behaviour this week has been pretty impressive.


Picture of the week:-


One thought on “Week 3 – 10th Nov 2014 Elyse Crawls

  1. Some weeks the days go by so quickly and I can’t get to see any of them enough so this is a great idea. The children look so happy and full of fun and Amy looks lovely as ever. You must be a very proud Mum and guess what I’m proud of you. They are lucky children.


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