Week 2 – 3rd Nov 2014

On Monday morning Kealan held his picture (page with squiggles) up to a toy giraffe and said ‘look giraffe, look what Kealie draw’.  Epic!  We went back to a mother and toddlers we hadnt been to in a while and when it came to song time he lay flat on the floor and didnt move.  At lunch he placed a small toy horse under his giraffe and stated ‘put horse under giraffe’.  Under was a concept i briefly mentioned last week and im over the moon that this sunk in so easily.  A few moments later he put a beanbag on his head and said ‘Mummy, look at me’.  The realisation that this was a first of very many mummy, look at me’s brought me to tears.  Our angel is so, so clever.  Elyse also sat up from crawling position and put one knee and hand forward together.  I think she’ll be crawling by the end of the week!

On Tuesday we headed to tangaghmore gardens, Lurgan where they have a small petting farm. It’s one of kealans favourite things to do, mostly because they have a tractor the kids can sit in. Kealans always a little apprehensive about the bigger animals and Elyse tends to be mesmerised by it all. Kealan learned the expression “nice one” much to our amusement after accidentally
throwing a carrot at a pig.
For some reason Kealan decided to eat all day today, it was very unusual but great to see.




On Wednesday I brought the babies to rhythm and rhyme at the library to sing nursery rhymes, both had a great time. Lovely Elyse was 7 months old today.



Thursday is our favourite mother and toddlers and as usual we were the first to arrive. With no toys out yet both babies looked a little lost on the big mat. It was Kealan who chose to go over and sit beside Elyse which was very sweet.


In the afternoon the health visitor came to see Elyse and discuss the poor start we’ve had with weaning. More referrals needed to find out why she’s just spitting everything out.
And lastly, I’ve decided it’s time to be strong and get rid of kealans dummy during the day time. So somewhat dreading tomorrow!

Well doomsday arrived on Friday and dummy was left in the cot. I have to say he did amazingly well. He had his moments demanding it over and over again but could be distracted. So we headed to scarva park to feed the ducks. Here’s kealan dummy free!

On Saturday we went to our Wee Wonders class. Elyse enjoyed herself again and was squealing as soon as I stood up for ‘boom boom went the little green frog’. Kealan was very chatty at his and told everyone about his trip to feed the animals. After dinner we had another go at making Rice Krispie buns with more success than previously.

On Sunday when I went to get Kealan up in the morning I told him to put his dummy on his pillow. Which he promptly did! Amazing. Hardly mentioned it all day. Whoopee!
I’m blown away by how quickly Kealan is learning at the minute. He can now name so many animals – he knows giraffe, elephant, lion, tiger, crocodile, baboon, sea lion, reindeer, kangaroo, mouse, owl, hippo, monkey, bear, pig, cow, sheep, goat, duck, goose, swan, gull, peacock, Turkey, chicken, horse, donkey, goat, dog, cat, flamingo, frog, fish, shark, spider, snail, dragonfly, centipede, caterpillar, moth, butterfly, ladybird, ant, fly, snake, rabbit, guinea pig, dinosaur, mammoth and dragon. And prob many more I’ve forgotten. We aren’t getting very far with letters or numbers yet but he knows most shapes and some colours.

Photo of the week:-


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