Halloween week – the sequel

This week started with Kealan recovering from as nasty stomach bug he had over the weekend.  So we stayed at home on Monday and the wee man spent the day in his jammies but he managed some play and enjoyed messing with rice and a halloween bucket.  Elyse (6.5 months) can sit up very well now and loves to get involved with sensory tubs.  This week she has really taken to her new dummy too which im not sure is a good thing (Kealan likes it though!)


Tuesday was our Halloween Party Playdate which i wrote about in the previous post.  On Wednesday we had the Peter Pans Halloween Party (a local soft play centre).  Kealan refused to wear a costume again and Elyse started vomiting a few hours before it so we almost didnt go.  It wasnt a fantastic evening for us but Kealan ate some sausages which was the first food since Sunday and did have a good time going on the slides with Amy and jumping in the ball pool.  Poor Elyse was very sick throughout (despite the cheerful grin in this picture) and i felt very bad taking her out but much to my surprise she came home and slept all night.

IMG_3383 IMG_3388 IMG_3390 IMG_3393

Thursday saw us stuck at home again to allow Elyse to recover from ‘The Bug’.  She was an absolute star though, clearly not well but didnt cry and mostly just slept it off.  Kealan has made a very definite change in how he wants to spend his time this week, repeatedly leaving the TV and demanding to ‘go playroom’.  He’s actually taking an interest in toys and for the second week in a row the favourite activity is getting out teddy bears and feeding them multiple cups of tea with various questionable meals.  After dinner this week Martin has been putting music on the Ipod dock and we’ve brought both babies in to the playroom.  Kealan has loved playing with us and brings Elyse toys to play with.

Friday was our second Halloween Party Playdate with mummy Leona, Kate and Isabel and mummy Mary, Bronagh and Baby Sean.  Below are some of their wonderful creations.

IMG_3413  IMG_3439IMG_3424

Saturday morning we went to our usual Wee Wonders baby sign classes but this week Daddy came too.  Elyse wore her bee costume and Kealan wore jeans and a jumper as usual after point blankly refusing to have a costume near him.  They both had a great time and were wonderfully behaved.

Saturday evening Martin discovered his guitar no longer had a single string thanks to eldest son Mark so we brought out Amy’s old pink one to let Kealan and Elyse see what it did.  Kealan loved it (and Elyse chewed on a symbol).  He now keeps asking for ‘Daddy, guitar, music, dance’ all accompanied by a bum wiggle.


And Sunday was a complete right off because finally i got ‘The Bug’. Yuk!  A big thank you to Daddy for managing the monsters (i mean, little darlings) until he started throwing up too on Sunday evening. 😦

Picture of the week:-


2 thoughts on “Halloween week – the sequel

  1. Happy week in spite of “the Bug” getting us all and how could it be otherwise? Elyse always happy and ready to find something to smile about and Kealan with his angel eyes and winning smile. Looks like everyone had fun at Peter Pans, Amy!


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