Week 1 – 27th oct 2014 halloween week

Its Halloween week this week and it has been a while since i’ve put together a themed playdate, i’ve always loved Halloween so this was the perfect excuse.

The decorations were put up well in advance to give Kealan (currently 22 months) a better understanding of what it was all about.  I confined the festivities to our kitchen/playroom though as some of my bigger plans re decorating the windows etc werent realistic.

IMG_3396 IMG_3407

We also spent time creating some Halloween masterpieces:-

IMG_3305 IMG_3304

On Tuesday we had our first of two Halloween party playdates.  Oscar came with mummy Lisa, Poppy and Caitlin came with mummy Lesley-Anne and Geraldine brought her whole brood, Tara, Eoin, Harry and Baby Jamie.  Amy and my mum Annette were also present and on hand for much needed assistance.

We started off with a playdough monster activity which i tweeked from a post on pinterest.  After much prep time cutting and laminating im very pleased to say this was a big hit.  I laid it out on the table and made an example monster of my own.IMG_3398 IMG_3399

The kids needed very little help making some wonderful creations.

P1000514P1000510P1000504 IMG_3342 IMG_3334 IMG_3340

Next the kids decorated some foam shapes i found in a discount store.  There were pumpkins, witches and ghosts with glitter pens, halloween confetti and googly eyes.  We used these foam shapes a lot throughout the week and were great fun in the bath too.

IMG_3401 IMG_3351 IMG_3354P1000529

The next activity was a Halloween sensory tub using orange rice as a base.  There were pumpkin loot buckets and various scoops, tong and funnels on hand.  I was surprised how popular this was, Kealan is very much at the scooping and pouring stage but even the older kids got involved.


I had colouring available as well and Baby Elyse and Baby Jamie were entertained with a ball pool and Halloween sensory bottles and bags.


When the rice got boring i brought out the messy stuff – Gelli Play.  Wonderful messy goo that kids adore.  It was another pouring, scooping activity but with amazing sensory qualities for all ages.  Unfortunately i didnt manage to get any good pics of the Gelli Play time, too busy sorting the food, which was next.

We had ghost sandwiches, crisps, cheese and blueberries for the kids and quiche and salad for the grown ups.  Followed by delicious buns made by Amy.

IMG_3358 IMG_3359IMG_3366IMG_3369P1000546

After the food the kids fed play balls to the pumpkin, monster and ghost that u can see in the background of this picture of me with baby Jamie.  There was also plenty of rough and tumble in the ball pool and down the ever popular slide.

P1000553 IMG_3372 IMG_3374

At home time all the kids gathered up their wonderful creations and Kealan gave out a going home gift to each guest (a packet of Gelli play for more squishy fun at home).


I received amazing compliments from the mums that came and i have to admit all the activities went well and there was a lovely calm atmosphere throughout (which given the 6 months to 12 year old kids age range was quite unexpected).

Now to plan the next one……

3 thoughts on “Week 1 – 27th oct 2014 halloween week

  1. The children and the mums really enjoyed themselves. There was so much to do and it was so well organised, that the activities and fun just kept on flowing. Great morning. Well done Natasha. You have a gift.


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